not, such definitions was basically considering remote pearly whites in addition to positional study were hypothesized having fun with ornithischian dinosaurs as the an unit

not, such definitions was basically considering remote pearly whites in addition to positional study were hypothesized having fun with ornithischian dinosaurs as the an unit

callenderi have been better-described (Heckert, 2002 ; Hunt, 1989 ; Hunt & Lucas, 1994 ; Padian, 1990 ). With multiple tooth hit aspects with in-situ white teeth today allows an elegance of prior functions. Search ( 1989 ) was best when you look at the distinguishing premaxillary pearly whites out-of maxillary white teeth. Yet ,, white teeth such as those regarding premaxilla (Numbers 4e, f), described as getting shaped mesiodistally and you will lingually curved from the apex, are found in the anterior part of the dentary. Maxillary (Figures 4g, h) and dentary teeth (Shape 5d) in positions rear on the third enamel are almost symmetrical mesiodistally, however, both try lingually rounded during the top, labiolingually compressed, and then have highest lengthened crowns. The shape of your own maxillary and dentary pearly whites may vary positionally versus a great discernable trend, possibly pertaining to enamel replacement for.

Tooth away from R

New anterior face of atlantal intercentrum was damaged away, however the posterior 1 / 2 of new function is actually well-preserved. In the rear have a look at (Figure 8c), this new function is actually subrectangular that have slight dorsoventral constrictions along the midline. The atlantal intercentrum is concave dorsally in which it articulates into the atlantal pleurocentrum. It articulates with the axial pleurocentrum with a condo seat-designed epidermis (Figure 8d). New ventral facial skin of your own atlantal intercentrum is excavated because of the good deep anxiety bordered because of the a-sharp anterior ridge. This new lateral surface are incised because of the a-deep dorsoventrally created sulcus one to shape anteriorly at the its dorsal extent. The lateral and ventral depression are not used in phytosaurs (e.g., Machaeroprosopus mccauleyi, PEFO 31219), where the atlantal intercentrum is actually if not nearly the same as regarding Roentgen. callenderi.

5.6.1 Atlas-axis complex

The fresh new atlantal pleurocentrum, intercentrum, and you can neurapophysis are present (Numbers 8a–c). The latest prezygapophysis of the atlantal neurapophysis is actually a tiny anteriorly-projecting game projection (Shape 8a). Inside phytosaurs (e.g., PEFO 31219) and you will crocodylomorphs (Brochu, 1992 ), the latest prezygapophysis increases much more laterally. The new postzygapophysis try long and surge-such and you may programs posterodorsally. Stretching medially about zygapophyses try a general thin flange one to versions the new roof of sensory canal.

The fresh new atlantal pluerocentrum (Figure 8b) are crescentic in the anterior and rear views, in the place of from inside the phytosaurs, in which it’s square within the anterior have a look at (e.grams., PEFO 31219). Both anterior and you may posterior counters is actually convex, although the prior articular deal with are quite flatter and you will greater than just the fresh new posterior articular deal with. The posterior articular deal with and also a superficial dorsoventrally trending sulcus you to definitely is also utilized in phytosaurs (elizabeth.g., PEFO 31219). The newest dorsal surface of your own atlantal pleurocentrum was concave and you will mediolaterally two times as broad once the anteroposteriorly much time. Proportionally, the fresh atlantal pleurocentrum away from Roentgen. callenderi try anteroposteriorly shorter than the same aspect in L. meadei (TMM 31185–97) and you will T. coccinarum (AMNH 7634), if you don’t they are much the same.

5.5 Postcrania Remote and you may associated postcranial points are all regarding quarries on PFV 297 and you will PFV 414. An informed-kept bones would be the fact of PEFO 34561, that can provide the reason behind the brand new reconstruction (Profile eight) and you will malfunction, with other specimens complementing the description in which detailed. 5.six Axial bones

The new axial intercentrum is not identified out of any sample. Brand new axial pleurocentrum (Profile 8d) away from Roentgen. callenderi is approximately equant within its proportions. The latest anterior articular deal with is dorsally concave in which they articulates that have the latest atlantal elements; ventral compared to that city new articular deal with try flat and hills posteroventrally in which it could articulate into the axial intercentrum. This new horizontal corners of one’s anterior articular face of your own axial pleurocentrum is actually stretched just like the margins abut to your parapophyses. This new parapophyses keeps flat articular surfaces, is elevated towards the line of pedestals, and you may deal with posterolaterally. Brand new diapophyses form a curved part one to face posterolaterally and you can quite ventrally. This new lateral skin of your own centrum and contains a deep fossa rear to the parapophysis. So it fossa are proportionally higher compared to L. meadei (TMM 31185-97) otherwise T. coccinarum (AMNH 7634), although breadth associated with the fossa alter courtesy ontogeny in other archosaurs (Irmis, 2007 ) which will be absent in certain aetosaurs (Desojo et al., 2012 ). New ventral facial skin of the axis centrum and has now a sharp median ventral keel. This will be missing inside the L. meadei.